Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Clinah, a “Supercute” Rock Band

Has it really come to this? We have SpinEL and other great indie groups, and now we have Clinah, who I expect are their management’s answer to female rock groups who are “relatable.”

At least Clinah appear musically talented: they have lead vocalist Yuna, first guitar Rika, second guitar Malja, and drummer Lee So Woon. However, their management releases statements like this and I just feel dead inside:

“Their title track incorporates guitar and electronic sounds, all making for a fast beat with an exciting melody. Clinah’s image is meant to be youthful and lovely so it all blends well together. They’re going to capture the hearts of rock fans and teenage fans alike,” officials of their agency said.

So they want Girl’s Day with instruments? I know, it’s unfair to make judgements until an album listen, but the statement bothers me to no end.

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