Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Exploring The Japanese Side

While it is only recently that large numbers of our Korean artists have headed over to promote in Japan, the migration had in fact begun quite some time ago. Some of the artists who made the journey across the sea may have done so in order to kick-start their career before heading back to Korea. Others chose to establish themselves as a Japanese artist. Some have found success, while others remain in the shadows of relative anonymity.

Why not start with a name we all know very well? Who else but CN Blue, those brilliant rookies back in 2010, effortlessly hauling in a win only fifteen days after their debut with “I’m A Loner.” They made their comeback recently with “Hey You,” which frankly, fell below my expectations for the group. Also in the time period though, was their Japanese single “Where You Are” which was quite impressive, both in terms of quality and chart performance.(...)
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