Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Fanclubs: Like a Rainbow

Pearl red, pastel rose pink, sunshine yellow, pearl mint, pearl cobalt blue and pearl burgundy. What are they? Of course they’re fanclub colours, the very same ones that light up stadiums and populate music show recording audiences. Of course, these colours don’t have much impact alone, without their respective holders. Put Lee Seung-gi in the same sentence as pearl mint though, and everything makes just that little bit more sense. Of course, at first glance, they look relatively harmless. It’s just a colour to manufacture a lightstick in. But still, we seek individuality, our idols seek to be recognised. Not just another group amongst too many. If a fanclub name and an official colour help to make that wish happen, then why not?

Taking that in account, it’s no surprise that colours seem to be an appropriate subject to get into arguments with other fanclubs over.(...)
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