Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Hello to Idol Singer-Songwriters

A couple of days ago on Seoulbeats’ Facebook page, my fellow writer Subi asked our readers, “is it important for an idol, or any singer to create their music?”  To which I say: convenient timing, Subi, very convenient.  For I was just pondering that myself upon the release of Wonder Girls’ Ye-eun‘s self-composed song “Hello to Myself,” which is featured on the Dream High 2 OST.

Upon first listen, I have to admit that I wasn’t completely sold, but a few more plays have convinced me that Ye-eun has got something special going here.  The song is unique, full of character, and showcases not only Ye-eun’s immense vocal talent and range, but her talent for composition.  I’m particularly loving the earthy instrumentals.  It’s a very different color from much of the music we see in K-pop, and I applaud Ye-eun for taking a step outside of the idol box and directly engaging with the process of creating music rather than just performing it.(...)
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