Wednesday, 20 February 2013

KpopCharts Update: I’m On YOO

CNBLUE I'm Sorry

CNBLUE “I’m Sorry” – Vote for it Here!

Ok, so let’s start this blogpost by saying that I might have been a bit odd on camera today. Martina’s gone to Canada for a week, and we pretty much are with each other, all day every day, work, play, and sleep. To go this long without her now (36 hours) is making me say weird things, probably things I shouldn’t say. Like, for me, frankly, I’ve always compared FT Island and CNBLUE. I think it’s natural to do so, seeing as they’re two instrumental rock bands, just about the only two big ones, in all of Kpop. So why hasn’t CNBLUE ever been voted in? We never got the chance to talk about them before! They deserve a ridiculous review just as much as every other Kpop band out there does! People tell us to give rookies a chance, but CNBLUE aren’t rookies. Where’s there chance? Come on, Bluenicorns! And don’t fight the name, either. It’s either that or Bluegawhales, and the first one sounds better. Don’t make me think of other cheesy blue name jokes, because they’re only gonna get worse from here. Vote for CNBLUE! They deserve it!

2YOON “24/7″ – Vote for it Here!

See, if Martina was here, she’d probably make me cut out the Hyuna line (if you don’t get the reference, by the way, check out our 4Minute “Volume Up” review). 2YOON has a totally different image than their slack-jawed 4Minute image. This is fun, quirky, spunky, playful. And their mouths are closed! It’s amazing! Anyhow, I know I might have said that this song and video are bizarre, but I didn’t mean that in a bad way. It’s just different, very different, and I’m trying to get used to it. It’s not abrasive and jarring, the way other songs might be different and jarring. It’s just…different. Unless it’s not that different: have you heard banjos in other Kpop songs before? This is a first for me…

Vixx “On and On” – Vote for it Here!

This is a special video, isn’t it? It’s a Wonderful Treasure Find, that’s for sure. It’s not in the least bit uninteresting, from the use of foreigners in the video (yay for foreigners!) to the whole space capsule thingy going into space, to them dancing on another planet, to their eyes glowing: this video has so much to pick apart. It’s almost like Jaejoong’s “Mine,” without the symbolism. And without the darkness. And with a lot more than just one person. And also not rock-y. Also not gothic. But it’s alike in that there’s so much to talk about! Yeah! I’m sure you were thinking the same thing!

Also, let me know what VIXX’s fan group name is, and just how much less cool it is than “Vixen” – which both makes sense and is clever. It better not be something like “Undying Eternal Family” or something like that…

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