Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Living in the Shadows

In becoming an idol, there are usually only two paths available to you. You either become a star with all of Korea adoring your every breath, or you just never get off the ground and bask in the darkness of your eternal irrelevance.

However, there are some individuals that straddle the line between these two paths. These idols are neither adored nor are they irrelevant. They simply exist, latching onto the fame of their more recognized group members. It can be hard to argue that these idols are unpopular, but they certainly don’t have the same popularity that is proportionate to others in their crew. These individuals, while underappreciated, are immensely talented in their own way. The companies that house them should reconsider how to market them. Let’s take a look at four idols who are being left at the wayside.(...)
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