Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Rewind, Replay, Relax

There will always come a moment when we have to take a step back from the blaring bass beats and blinding lights. Sometimes, the outlandish outfits and heavy guyliner gets too much. Sometimes, we get sick of the way-too-short skirts and high-pitched voices. During such times, we turn to some ballads, maybe a laid-back mid-tempo. Maybe we’ve had a particularly bad day, maybe you’re exhausted and you want to unwind to something. But where to start? Not all of us will turn to ballad singers like 2AM and K.Will as talented as they are, nor do artists like 2NE1 and Miss A consistently put out relaxing music. Even so, that doesn’t make the pool to choose from any smaller. There’s plenty of relaxation for the ears and I’m here to share some.(...)
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