Tuesday, 2 July 2013

CNBLUE And Crying Nut Are Involved In A Legal Battle


This is an unfortunate turn of events.

A while back, Crying Nut sued CNBLUE over copyright infringement, due to CNBLUE covering the entirety of a Crying Nut song Pilsal Offside without permission on an episode of MNET’s M Countdown, and added the performance to a DVD that was sold in Japan. Crying Nut claimed that CNBLUE performed the song without making it clear that they were covering a song, and sued them. However, FNC Entertainment said that they weren’t aware that the appropriate rights weren’t acquired, and so CNBLUE apologized. The legal case still continued, and now CNBLUE has countered back, claiming that Crying Nut is making them look bad and defaming their status as performers.

An official of FNC Entertainment has made clear the reason for why CNBLUE is firing back:

Crying Nut has been saying ‘CNBLUE should pay for stealing our copyright material, through their websites and other outlets. Though the case is pending at the court, they misled the public to believe their own allegation as a fact.

It seems like both Crying Nut and CNBLUE have been hurt by this matter, so hopefully they can figure it out soon. It seems such a pity that it’s become a legal battle when both groups seem to be getting harmed.

SOURCE: The Korea Times

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