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What’s Up This Week with…SHINEe! [Week of 8/12-8/18]

shinee SHINee has been promoting in 3 separate locations in Tokyo on August 13. The locations were Tokyo's Yomiuri Land, Akasaka Event Hall, and Shinjuku Plaza


SHINee has been promoting in 3 separate locations in Tokyo on August 13. The locations were Tokyo’s Yomiuri Land, Akasaka Event Hall, and Shinjuku Plaza. The means for their promotion have been through surprise concerts for the fans. It has been a year and eight months since their last surprise concert in Japan. Boys meet U should be released on the 21st of August, making it their eight Japanese single.

On August 17 and 18, the group performed in Kobe, another surprise concert for their fans. SHINee’s Taemin also updated their SHINee Japan Mobile update with a picture of a Special Edition Ball, which is basically a doodled on yellow ball completed by none other than the most lovable Lee Taemin. It was this same ball that made a special appearance during their second day in Kobe.

On August 14, SHINee were guests on a popular Japanese show called “Ohayo Asaii Desu Ka” wherein the boys were treated to some good food and even a quick run around a horror house that was greatly appreciated by the members, but none more so than Key.

What's Up This Week with...SHINEe! [Week of 8/12-8/18]

Speaking of Key, on August 15, Key updated his instagram videos with one of him preparing Mac & Cheese. Watch it if you’re into hearing Key express in various pitches of “Mmmm~” just how much he enjoys Mac & Cheese.

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