Saturday, 2 November 2013

November Delivers Some Of The Most Talented K-Pop Stars To Television And The Silver Screen

IU is embraced for both her acting and her musical career.

IU is embraced for both her acting and her musical career.

One of the distinguishing factors of Korean entertainment from those seen in other countries is the sheer number of celebrities who exhibit talent as singers, actors, and dancers. With a training system which supports and fosters so-called triple threats, Korea has some of the most talented performers seen in modern times. In November, some of the most popular K-Pop stars to cross over into acting will be seen in movies and in K-dramas.

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In October, the headlines became flooded with news of the promotional activities for Big Bang's T.O.P and his upcoming film Commitment. The film, which is set for release on November 6th, highlights the rapper's talent as an action star. Prior to Commitment, T.O.P received acclaim for his performance in 2009's Iris. One of the most interesting aspects of T.O.P is that he cannot truly be considered a triple threat due to his dancing skills, but his acting ability makes up for any deficiency in that area.

In addition to T.O.P, Seo In Guk continues his wildly successful acting career with the release of No Breathing. The release of No Breathing coincides with his promotional activities in Japan, in support of We Can Dance Tonight. Seo In Guk is a prime example of a K-Pop artist whose acting career has become so successful, international K-Pop fans who have easily embraced his acting, need reminders that he is a singer. November will also bring the film debut of 2PM's OK Taecyeon in the film Marriage Blue. While audiences found Taecyeon to be endearing in his performance in the drama Dream High, many did not react well to his recent performance in Who Are You?.

Korea's Little Sister, IU, made a triumphant post-scandal return with her jazz infused album Modern Times. Now, the singer has started filming opposite actor Jang Keun Suk for Pretty Boy. With his return to acting, Jang Keun Suk, who is extremely talented as a singer will rejoin You're Beautiful cast members Park Shin Hye and Jung Yonghwa on television, although they are all acting in completely different projects. Jung Yonghwa, as CNBLUE's leader and songwriter, is currently playing a leading role in KBS2's Marry Him If You Dare. Yonghwa's role in Marry Him If You Dare marks his third major drama role, which he accepted after initially declining a role in SBS'Heirs.

As the year draws to an end, it seems like screens will be more packed with K-Pop idols as actors. Korean dramas and films are an excellent opportunity to see the wide range of talent that is within the K-Pop industry. Like variety shows, they are an excellent opportunity to see the versatility of the performers and draw on some of the elements that made old Hollywood a source for endless entertainment.

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